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HPE IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things, a rapid expansion of connected devices, promises new ways to engage customers, new business models and new insights into how and why things work today. Although the technology is just emerging, now is the time to get onboard. HPE IoT solutions focus on:


HPE defines IoT as “the evolution of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and … interconnection of devices and management platforms.” This connectivity offers huge potential through automation, innovation and BI. It enables new opportunities by “monetising device data through a scalable, modular, ubiquitous IoT platform that offers device and service management on premise or through the cloud.”


With IoT, data flows inwardly from the edge to be collected, analysed and stored. To enable this HPE delivers the right compute in the right place – at the edge for immediate insight, or efficiently in the cloud or data centre.


IoT presents new security challenges, protecting data and Things from theft, modification and exploitation. IoT data must be protected in transit, at rest and in use by applications. HPE provides effective security options to IoT system owners from end to end.