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HPE Converged Systems for Virtualisation

HPE ConvergedSystems for Virtualisation are a family of pre-engineered, pre-tested systems that speed time to value, cut complexity and deliver increased IT efficiency and a significantly lower cost.  HPE ConvergedSystems for Virtualisation provide the fastest path to virtualisation for your SMB customers – beating the competition hands down with breakthrough TCO and deployment in as little as 20 days:

  • Modular capacity for 50 – 1000+ virtual machines
  • 2x performance and 3x efficiency improvements
  • 25% lower entry-point
  • 28% reduction in TCO
  • Open standards – no vendor lock-in
  • Options for ramp up to the cloud.

Work with TD Azlan to identify and optimise virtualisation opportunities within your customer base – focusing on converged infrastructure solutions that will deliver the best possible returns on investment.

What should I be selling?

Choose from 2 different models to suit your customer’s specific requirements:

HPE CS 300 for Virtualisation – Ideal as a cost-effective solution for midsize organisations and remote / branch offices with 50-300 VMs, the CS300 can be operational within just 20 days and delivers a 25% lower entry price. 

HPE CS 700 for Virtualisation – For more demanding datacentres with 100 to 1000+ VMs, the CS700 can move to production in 30 only days, will boost efficiency by 3x and reduce TCO by 28%.  

Promotions to consider

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

Delivering on the New Style of IT makes convergence an increasingly compelling solution for your customers - future proofing IT infrastructure, reducing cost and complexity, optimising productivity and return on investments and ensuring faster time to value.  Focus on HPE ConvergedSystems and Software-Defined Networks and Storage solutions that will support their strategic initiatives.

What’s the attach opportunity?

Use the JustRightIT program to help identify the right mix of products and services to meet a customer’s specific business needs.  You can also access the latest FlexBundle solutions from HP, using Azlan’s iQuote tool and the FlexAttach program to quickly and easily optimise the attach and upsell options you include with your quotation.