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HPE Integrated Systems

Your customers’ legacy IT environments can prove complex and costly to manage, with too many products, tools and processes – leaving them with insufficient budget or resources to capitalise on today’s biggest IT opportunities.  HPE ConvergedSystems help to address this issue by providing all-in-one, integrated systems that make it straightforward and cost effective for your customers to invest in game-changing technology. 

Pre-tested and pre-configured, HPE ConvergedSystems include all of the servers, storage, networking, management and third party software needed - ensuring fast and efficient deployment, optimised performance from day one, and the best possible returns on investment both now and into the future.  Use HPE ConvergedSystems to support your customers’ most important IT initiatives around Cloud, Virtualisation, Collaboration and Big Data.

Work with TD Azlan to help your enterprise customers to optimise their investments in the new style of IT, with solutions that scale affordably and seamlessly.  Our team of HPE specialists will ensure that you make the most of every opportunity – presenting clear upsell and attach options through HP’s complete portfolio of converged IT solutions.  

What should I be selling?

HPE Converged System for Cloud

HPE Converged System for Virtualisation

HPE Converged System for Big Data

HPE Converged System for Collaboration

HPE Converged System for Client Virtualisation

HPE OneView: Converged Management Platform

Promotions to consider

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

Delivering on the New Style of IT makes convergence an increasingly compelling solution for your customers - future proofing IT infrastructure, reducing cost and complexity, optimising productivity and return on investments and ensuring faster time to value.  Focus on HPE ConvergedSystems and Software-Defined Networks and Storage solutions that will support their strategic initiatives.

What’s the attach opportunity?

Use the JustRightIT program to help identify the right mix of products and services to meet a customer’s specific business needs.  You can also access the latest FlexBundle solutions from HP, using Azlan’s iQuote tool and the FlexAttach program to quickly and easily optimise the attach and upsell options you include with your quotation.  

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