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HPE Focus Areas

Accelerate time-to-value with HPE Solutions

Build a better future for your business with HPE

HPE is fast becoming the industry’s foremost provider for Hybrid IT, leading the way in delivering the next-generation, software-defined infrastructures that will run your customer’s datacenters today whilst creating a bridge to tomorrow’s multi-cloud environments. HPE is also powering the Intelligent Edge, the emerging standard that will run campus, branch and Industrial IoT far into the future.

Maximise your success in Hybrid IT and at the Intelligent edge by leveraging: HPE’s world-class services capability, Azlan’s unrivalled HPE pedigree and wide supplier ecosystem and the strong services know-how we’ll help to build within your business.

HPE makes Hybrid IT simple

Work with HPE and Azlan to find the right mix of platforms for your customer’s applications and data, building hybrid solutions that seamlessly span traditional IT, private and public cloud.

We can help you to drive new business aligned to the issues driving customer spend:

  • Enable fast-paced, innovative IT and simple DevOps for the fastest possible go-to-market
  • Shift workloads to cloud deployment models
  • Leverage the agility software-defined architectures
  • Deliver the efficiency of containerized, automated and orchestrated environments
  • Maximise returns from traditional datacenter investments
  • Enable surging data growth and analytics
  • Address security concerns with solutions offering security and resilience built-in.

Not only does HPE offer a huge portfolio of technology and services for Hybrid IT, it also delivers a wide ecosystem of complementary vendor solutions and multi-cloud partnerships, ensuring your customers always get the solution they really need.

Read HPE’s business white paper: The Right Mix, Transforming to a Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Power the Intelligent Edge

Your customers are now focusing beyond the datacenter, they’re looking at the Intelligent Edge because this is where they meet and transact with their customers. They’re looking for answers when it comes to: future campus and branch networking, thinking Mobile First in network design, as well as Industrial IoT.

HPE Aruba and Azlan can help you drive new business at the Intelligent Edge:

  • Access HPE Aruba’s broad portfolio of next-generation networking and IoT solutions
  • Deploy the sensors, beacons and geo-positioning technology customers want
  • Deliver strong solutions for mobile users, applications and connected devices
  • Ensure ubiquitous connectivity for trusted users
  • Provide reliable, secure, performant networking
  • Offer built-in analytics and contextual awareness

Read the Aruba blog: Maximize Enterprise IoT Value with the Intelligent Edge

Make it happen with world-class Services

Now you can confidently approach any opportunity, secure in the knowledge that together HPE and Azlan deliver all the specialist skills you need to deliver projects profitably. You can also engage HPE and Azlan’s proven training and education platforms to develop and maintain the right skills and expertise in-house.

HPE and Azlan are helping partners to modernise End-User legacy infrastructures, providing cloud flexibility and maximising the value of connected devices. To engage, talk to Azlan about HPE Pointnext, a new, innovative IT services organisation built specifically to simplify Hybrid IT and power the Intelligent Edge for your customers. Pointnext features HPE Advisory, Professional and Technical services.

Leverage HPE Pointnext and Azlan support to enable your own transition from point product to solution selling, and be ready to provide the answers your customers need as they move to new IT consumption models driven by the cloud.

Watch the video: Unboxing Your Next with HPE Pointnext