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HPE Big Data Solutions

Why HPE Big Data Solutions?

With unstructured data accounting for 85% of all information in the digital universe, HPE Information Optimisation solutions allow organisations to leverage their unstructured and big data sets to provide insights in real time, improve enterprise performance and share 100% of enterprise-relevant information across the business.

These solutions help organisations manage and control information from big data, social media, risk management, cloud, and mobility applications. Use HPE Information Optimisation solutions to unlock the hidden potential of information; recognising ideas and patterns in real time and using the power of social media to improve user experiences.

HPE Information Optimisation Solutions for big data sets provide:

  • Automation and real-time analysis
  • Deeper insight into customer behaviour
  • Cost-effective management of growing data volumes
  • Streamlined end-user access to information
  • Simplified IT performance.

Why work with TD Azlan for Big Data Solutions?

As we’ve seen above, unstructured data is driven not just by explosive corporate data growth, but also in areas such as cloud driven solutions, social media and mobility. Making the right data management decisions in each of these potentially complex environments requires strong insight and experience, and this is where TD Azlan can support you, connecting your opportunity to the right people to make sure you provide great advice and make the most of the opportunity.

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What's the convergence opportunity?

Big Data is of course driven by scale, the sort of scale that will really benefit from the impact of a converged infrastructure approach, and in particular the scalability offered by HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE virtualisation technologies.

What's the attach opportunity?

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