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HPE BURA Solutions

The requirement for managing and protecting data has changed, as the volume and variety of business data continues to grow.  This creates new challenges for your customers in terms of business risk and the cost and complexity of data management, but also new opportunities to gain a competitive advantage:

  • Benefit from the value of big data
  • Stay compliant with industry specific regulation and legislation
  • Protect their data and remain operational
  • Reduce mean time to restore in the face of downtime.

HPE Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA) Solutions deliver the performance, reliability and scalability your customers need to improve business resilience and uptime, reduce management costs, and secure their data assets for long-term retention.  Unlike competitor solutions, HPE offers choice, flexibility and open, unified solutions that ensure systems can scale for future growth, without vendor lock-in.

  • Simplicity:  HPE storage solutions help to create operational simplicity, with a single, automated deduplication procedure across the whole organisation and the ability to manage all backups, restores, and data movement from a single pane of glass.
  • Performance:  Federated deduplication optimises storage capacity, reduces backup windows, and enables business to restore data and get back online faster.
  • Flexibility:  HPE can help solve any data protection problem with a mix of innovations and an architecture design that includes disk-based backup and LTO-6 tape.  HPE StoreOnce with StoreOnce Catalyst lets customers tailor a solution to meet their needs with the ability to deduplicate data anywhere, overcoming the limitations of third-party backup applications.
  • Scalability:  Keep up with massive data growth, with tape libraries that can scale up to 75PB.  . HPE StoreOnce is built on a single architecture and single deduplication algorithm that lets customers start small and easily scale and extend data retention without downtime or infrastructure design.
  • Better Value:  Lower licensing and staffing requirements reduce operational costs and increase ROI. With HPE StoreOnce’s single architecture, customers can start small and grow on the same footprint without worry about sprawl. HPE can provide single-vendor support for the entire data protection environment, across disk and tape. 

What should I be selling?

Use the SimplyStoreIT solution for Data Protection to speed up and simplify the sales process

HPE StoreOnce Backup with StoreOnce Catalyst delivers the industry’s fastest disk-based backup with federated deduplication and control over data movement to shrink backup and recovery windows and accelerate restores. Organisations that have virtualised on VMware can deploy HPE StoreOnce VSA as a virtual appliance. For those not virtualised and with capacity requirements beyond 1TB, an HPE StoreOnce Backup system is ideal – scaling up from the 2000 series for SMBs and ROBOs – all the way up to the 6000 series for enterprise Data Centres..  Small business customers and remote offices meanwhile, have the option to leverage existing server space using HPE Data Protector software with StoreOnce Catalyst.

HPE is the market leader in tape, and HPE StoreEver tape storage and LTO-6 media solutions use enhanced technology to deliver high capacities and fast performance for massive scalability.  For bigger and more complex data protection requirements, HPE StoreEver Tape Storage Autoloaders and MSL Tape Storage Libraries provide cost-effective, easy-to-install, automated tape storage - removing the risk of human error from tape rotations.

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

HPE Converged Storage solutions deliver a simplified architecture, with a single approach across all storage needs – from primary storage, to information retention and analytics, through to information protection.  

Use the JustRightIT program to help identify the right mix of HPE products and services to meet a customer’s specific business needs – building a converged infrastructure that will deliver improved ROI for them and maximum margins for you.

What’s the attach opportunity?

Use the SimplyStoreIT Program to ensure that you recommend the most appropriate and comprehensive solution to solve a customer’s particular business need.

You can also access the latest FlexBundle solutions from HP, using Azlan’s iQuote tool and the FlexAttach program to quickly and easily optimise the attach and upsell options you include with your quotation.  

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