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HPE StoreOnce

Why HPE StoreOnce?

With data protection increasingly essential for organisations to ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, backups need to be kept up-to-date at all times.  However, with the growing volumes of data and increasing pressures on IT staff to manage budgets and resources effectively, whilst also ensuring 24 x 7 uptime for business-critical systems, the cost of data protection is a growing concern for many.  With HPE StoreOnce and its next –generation de-duplication technology, the performance, flexibility and management issues associated with  backup solutions are clearly addressed. 

  • Store up to 95% less data

HPE StoreOnce reduces the amount of backup data you need to store by up to 95%, through efficient de-duplication

  • Backup faster, reducing management effort by 50%

HPE StoreOnce Catalyst is a backup and recovery optimised interface that delivers industry-leading backup speeds of up to 100 TB/hour to meet shrinking backup windows, plus federated de-duplication that enables backup at the most convenient location

  • Pay-as-you-grow

The scale-out architecture of HPE StoreOnce enables your customers to start small and only pay for the capacity they actually need. 

Why HPE StoreOnce from TD Azlan?

Work with TD Azlan to identify, optimise and deliver HPE StoreOnce solutions for your customers.  Whether it’s addressing the needs of SMB organisations, large enterprises, remote offices or Cloud Service Providers, we can help you to reach new markets and win more deals.  Our HPE storage specialists will ensure that you maximise margins by presenting clear upsell and attach opportunities and focusing on HPE Converged Infrastructure solutions.

What should I be selling?

HPE StoreOnce VSA: Fast, efficient, centralized backup for SMBs and remote sites, without the need for dedicated hardware appliances.  Delivers cost savings of up to 65% in virtualised environments.

HPE StoreOnce 2620: Affordable, high-performance backup appliance for SMBs

HPE StoreOnce 4000 Series: Scalable data protection for mid-size data centres and regional offices

HPE StoreOnce B6200: Enterprise functionality, performance and scalability for high availability environments with no single point of failure

HP StoreOnce 2900:  Specifically designed for larger remote offices and SMBs with significant amounts of data to be protected, the 2900 beats the competition hands down with 2x more capacity, 23% faster backup performance, and 23% better cost/TB.

Promotions to consider?

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

HP’s converged storage solutions ensure that your customers can maximise the value from their business information, the returns on infrastructure investments, and the productivity of their IT teams.  Combine HPE StoreOnce backup solutions with: 

Use HPE Insight Control management to unify HPE storage, servers and networking solutions across physical and virtual environments – selling the key benefits of HPE Converged Infrastructure solutions.

What’s the attach opportunity?

Work with Azlan to extend your storage sales, selling HPE Servers, Networking solutions and Services.  Focus on: 


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