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HPE 3PAR StoreServ

Why HPE StoreServ? 

HPE StoreServ is the only storage architecture your customers will ever need, as the first platform to span SMB to enterprise customer requirements, without compromise.  HPE StoreServ delivers the performance and flexibility needed to support business growth and enable key IT initiatives including server virtualisation, new application deployment, and cloud-based solutions. 

  • Respond to any demand: Double VM density, guaranteed

HPE StoreServ storage supports unpredictable and mixed workloads, unstructured and structured data growth, and file, block and object storage needs, whilst providing all the features needed to minimise management complexity.

  • Free up time for innovation: Spend 90% less time on management

With HPE StoreServ, storage management is simplified and expedited through intelligent automation.  Virtualisation is optimise through full integration with VMware and Microsoft, giving enhanced visibility into storage environments and improved efficiencies across the customer’s virtual infrastructure.

  • Spend less money on storage: Cut capacity requirements by 50%

HPE StoreServ’s ‘Get Thin Guarantee’ promises customers a minimum 50% reduction in storage capacity requirements through thin provisioning.  This also means 90% less administration time and a significant reduction in the need to purchase and power new hardware. 

Why HPE StoreServ from TD Azlan?

Work with TD Azlan to identify, optimise and deliver HPE StoreServ solutions for your customers.  Because StoreServ delivers affordable and flexible solutions for customers from SMB to enterprise, we can help you to reach new markets and win more deals.  Our HPE storage specialists will ensure that you maximise margins by presenting clear upsell and attach opportunities and focusing on HPE Converged Infrastructure solutions.

What should I be selling?

HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000: The most affordable and reliable flash storage array on the market

HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20000: Industry-leading enterprise-class flash scale and density for massive consolidation

  • When value matters, focus on the 8200 / 8400
  • When scale matters, focus on the 8440 / 20800
  • When performance matters, focus on the 8450 / 20450 / 20850

NEW HPE 3PAR StoreServ OS 3.2.1 means that any customer that invests in HPE 3PAR StoreServ can also benefit from optimised flash – accelerating application performance without the need to purchase new hardware. This HPE innovation gives nearly 25,000 systems instant access to free capacity and a 20% performance boost

HPE 3PAR File Persona Software extends the workload reach of 3PAR StoreServ opportunities – supporting file and block storage from a single converged platform. Including this option can grow your deal size by 20%.

Promotions to consider?

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

HP’s converged storage solutions ensure that your customers can maximise the value from their business information, the returns on infrastructure investments, and the productivity of their IT teams. Combine HPE StoreServ storage solutions with:

Use HPE Insight Control management to unify HPE storage, servers and networking solutions across physical and virtual environments – selling the key benefits of HPE Converged Infrastructure solutions.

What’s the attach opportunity?

Work with TD Azlan to extend your storage sales, selling HPE Servers, Networking solutions and Services.  Focus on: 


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