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HPE All-Flash and Hybrid Storage

The all-flash array (AFA) market is growing quickly. We estimate total AFA revenue for the leading vendors was $1.7bn in 2014, up over 150% on the previous year. We predict 36% CAGR through 2019, when total annual rev­enue will reach $7.8bn. “ (451 Research 2015)

The total flash-optimised market value will grow at 15% CAGR 2013 to 2018 (IDC)

By 2019, 20% of traditional high-end storage arrays will be replaced by dedicated solid-state arrays (SSAs). (Gartner 2014)

Whichever way you look at the momentum behind flash storage is exceptional, with many customers looking for answers about how this leading-edge storage technology can pay dividends for them.

HPE offers you and your customers plenty of choices around the flash solution best suited to your customer’s situation; from high performance MSA entry-storage, to StoreVirtual flash solutions for virtualised environments and HPE 3PAR when you need affordable flash for every application.

The types of flash:

All-flash arrays - composed exclusively of solid state drives, perfect when performance is critical, particularly when built on a flash-optimized architecture.

Hybrid arrays – less expensive than all-flash, hybrid storage with auto-tier capabilities is optimal for accelerating applications with minimal incremental investment. Flash tiers combined with spinning media to create hybrid arrays delivers significantly accelerated performance.

Converged flash arrays - A new concept converged flash arrays are a type of all-flash array that also accommodates disk media. Together deliver the performance and latency of all-flash alongside the affordability of a hybrid solution, the agility of a unified array and the scale and resiliency of high-end arrays.

The benefits of flash

It’s highly affordable:

  • All-flash storage is now available from just $1.20 per GB useable, with less than half a rack of flash replacing four racks of traditional high-end storage
  • Combining data compaction with large capacity flash reduces footprint by 80% or more
  • It’s simple to move live data from all-flash to disk/hybrid arrays, significantly improving TCO
  • Migrate to HPE 3PAR StoreServ All-Flash Array and increase reduce required storage capacity by at least 75% or HPE will provide up to 30 TiB of additional raw capacity with related software and associated support.

It’s highly performant

  • For the same price as disk-based storage, all-flash HPE 3PAR delivers up to 3 million IOPs at sub-millisecond latencies
  • The HPE MSA 2042 hybrid flash array provides 800 GB of SSD capacity standard and dynamic tiering to accelerate applications from outset
  • Architectures scaling beyond 2 nodes and using dedicated hardware to perform specific functions significantly free up array CPU resources.

It delivers resilience and scale

  • HPE 3PAR all-flash delivers 99.9999% availability, flexible replication, scale-out clustering and flash-optimised data protection
  • HPE MSA 2042 offers data-in-place upgrades to reduce data migration complexity and drive investments, customers can start small and scale without limit
  • HPE StoreVirtual 3200 series scales seamlessly for any performance and/or capacity needs, offering a Migration Manager tool to simplify workload migrations.

It delivers for backup and recovery

  • HPE Recovery Manager Central integrates HPE 3PAR with HPE StoreOnce, delivering application-managed data protection for faster, simpler protection for data on 3PAR arrays
  • HPE MSA 2042 offers 512 snapshots out of the box for instant recovery, whilst remote replication is included as standard for affordable application availability
  • HPE StoreVirtual 4335 delivers a combination of features including: multi-site disaster recovery, remote copy and data mobility across tiers, locations, and between virtual and physical storage, enabling exceptional levels of availability and recovery.

Offering huge knowledge of the HPE storage portfolio, Azlan’s storage specialists can help you identify the best all-flash or hybrid options to match your customers needs now and in for the future.