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HPE Mission Critical Services

IT downtime is not an option in today’s digital, data-driven world so helping your customers to keep their critical information available is essential.  HPE Mission Critical Services provide both proactive and reactive solutions to ensure that an IT environment is highly available  - operating effectively 24x7 to support business success.  HPE experts are on hand to provide advice and support for critical IT infrastructure – including blade and virtualised environments – ensuring that your customers can mitigate the risk of IT downtime and respond quickly to changing business demands. 

  • HPE Proactive Select
  • HPE Critical Services
  • HPE Proactive 24 Services
  • HPE Mission Critical Services enhanced for SAP

Work with TD Azlan to drive opportunities around HPE Services.  The new Technology Services portfolio makes it easier than ever for you to attach HPE Service solutions to every sale, with a streamlined range of options and greater alignment between different service options to make it easier to upsell. 

View the Azlan infographic that shows you how HP’s portfolio of Support Services has been designed to support the new style of IT

What should I be selling?

  • HPE Proactive Select:  Give your customers the flexibility to purchase service credits that can then be redeemed against HP’s technical, educational and service delivery options at any time over the life of the agreement.  
  • HPE Critical Services: support solution that helps your customers to improve service levels through direct access to experts - providing up-front avoidance and rapid responses to problems.
  • HPE Proactive 24 Services: Collaborates with your customer’s IT staff to provide around-the-clock monitoring, 24x7 issue resolution, four-hour onsite response for hardware issues, and proactive advice to improve IT efficiencies.
  • HPE Mission Critical Services enhanced for SAP: Help your customers to maximise the business returns from their strategic SAP investments, with proactive services tailored to their specific environment and business needs.

Promotions to consider

What’s the convergence opportunity?

Use the JustRightIT program to help identify the right mix of products and services to meet a customer’s specific business needs.  You can also access the latest FlexBundle solutions from HP, using Azlan’s iQuote tool.

What’s the attach opportunity?

Enhancements to the iQuote toolmean that it’s easier than ever to attach HPE Technology Services to your server, storage and networking solution sales.  The tool also makes it straightforward to upsell to higher levels of support – taking advantage of HP’s refreshed and simplified services portfolio. 

Use Azlan’s iQuote tool and FlexAttach options to ensure you maximise the upsell and attach opportunities on every sale.