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HPE Installation and Deployment Services

Your customers want their new IT investments to be up and running as quickly as possible, with the least disruption to normal activities and the fastest ROI.

You can make sure this is the case by leveraging HPE Installation and Deployment Services within your own service delivery. In doing so you can make sure your own team is always focused on the most profitable activity, flexibly extend your team when bandwidth is tight or you could benefit from extra skillsets.

HPE Installation and Deployment Services span a wide range of activity, from simple server deployment to complex custom project deployment within a distributed infrastructure environment. Yet they are always conducted within a single, comprehensive framework so you find them easy to engage and manage.

How do these HPE services add value?

  • Use them for simpler deployment, enjoy infrastructure that’s preconfigured and delivered ready for integration
  • Make relocation painless, from within the current location to overseas moves, HPE can handle it, with the added comfort of insured logistics and support recertification
  • Make sure everything is perfect with managed logistics, with spot on timing between shipping and deployment in fully pre-staged solutions
  • Simplify asset disposal, with HPE managing removal, recycling and remarketing in a fully compliant manner
  • Use HPE Project Management resource to make co-ordination of multiple vendors seamless.

How will your customers benefit?

  • They’ll cut the cost of deployment whilst enjoying a faster ROI and more robust operations going forward
  • They will enjoy fully optimised HPE installed technology, leaving their own IT teams to focus on more pressing, innovative projects
  • They’ll manage risk better, with HPE shouldering the burden around racking, install and tagging as well as managing data privacy issues for removed kit.

Why HPE?

  • Nobody is more qualified to manage both HPE and multivendor assets
  • HPE’s true global span makes international projects simpler
  • HPE offers the benefits of standardised solutions where appropriate, but also the scale to manage custom projects where necessary
  • HPE can offer a start to finish, truly turnkey approach – making the whole process pain free for you and your customer.

Connect to the right services for your customers using Azlan’s extensive expertise of the broad HPE services portfolio. Azlan can also work with to make sure your customer’s IT investments deliver the best possible returns in the shortest timeframes.

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