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HPE Packaged Support Services

Why HPE Packaged Support Services?

HPE support services expand and extend standard warranties for HPE hardware and software, providing hardware and software support, alongside installation and education services. A support service can be used to deploy new systems and services sooner, to use hardware and software more effectively, to help prevent system downtime.

In the event of failure a support services can provide precisely the right level of response and simplifies support procurement; just deploy the packaged support service that exactly matches the needs of your customer, no more, no less. 

Customers are able to upgrade their Service level Agreement (SLA) at any point during the coverage period or even extend the support after the warranty has expired. For example, they may wish to upgrade from Foundation Care Next Business Day, to Foundation Care 4 hour response / 24x7 coverage.  Whilst support services can only be sold as an attach to hardware equipment within 6 months from the date of purchase, contractual services and post warranty products are available to provide support in all other instances.

Don’t miss out on the highest margin revenues by forgetting to renew expiring support services.  The technical benefits of support services for providing flexible, cost-effective support to customers are already proven. But for your business this sale also offers a string of commercial advantages:

  • Build a strong annuity revenue base delivering high margin returns from low-hanging opportunities whilst also creating revenue streams you can rely on and build future plans around.
  • Drive broader business conversations.  Use renewal as an opportunity to discuss the technology you’ve already sold but in a broader, solutions-led context. Talk about the IT topics driving current and future spend, such as convergence, cloud or Big Data
  • Protect and enhance your business reputation.  Support service renewals keep the lights on for your customers’ most important systems and help you weave these technologies into new, more efficient and effective uses of IT
  • Build a strong competitive position.  Lock your competitors out of accounts by diligently managing your renewals and get a foothold in the door of new accounts by offering packaged support service renewals where your less proactive competitors fail

Why work with TD Azlan for HPE Support Services?

Use TD Azlan’s extensive knowledge of the HPE support services portfolio and how to select and size a packaged support service to match End User needs. Work with TD Azlan to extend your services opportunities, scoping additional services such as Proactive and Critical care.   

Azlan’s HPE Services team is also here to help track your renewals opportunities, working with you to close and maximise sales.   To optimise every opportunity, talk to your installed base customers about changes within their IT environment and the importance of ensuring that service levels also adapt to meet changing business demands.

What should I be selling?

Promotions to consider

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What's the convergence opportunity?

Moving beyond specific support services, broader Services offering such as Proactive Care look at your customer’s wider IT infrastructure and provide scope to engage in a Converged Infrastructure debate

What's the attach opportunity?

Sell HPE support services alongside other consultative and transformational HPE services such as:

  • HPE Proactive Care
  • HPE Datacentre Transformation Services
  • HPE Energy and Sustainability Management Services
  • Converged Infrastructure Services
  • Cloud Consultancy Service
  • HPE Proactive Insight Experience.

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