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HPE Mobility Services

Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile, with IT users wanting the ability to work from any location, at any time, using any device.   The explosion of IT consumerisation is driving workers to expect more flexibility, improved connectivity and enhanced secure access from the technology they use, with the popularity and demand for ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) initiatives rapidly on the increase. Supporting this mobile revolution can deliver significant productivity benefits to the business, but also raises a number of new challenges that need to be addressed.

HPE Mobility Consulting Services have been designed to help your customers maximise the value they derive from their Mobility initiatives – unlocking productivity from existing client applications, accelerating productivity with new applications and experiences, enabling communities by connecting people in the most efficient and effective way.

Work with TD Azlan to drive opportunities around Mobility.  Use our deep insight and experience to help your customers make the right investment decisions – connecting each opportunity to the right people to support and advise in key growth areas such as BYOD, Client Virtualisation, Messaging and Unified Communications & Collaboration.

What should I be selling?

HPE Mobility Strategy and Planning Services: Help define the vision, current state, readiness and pragmatic next steps for the future state of your customer’s mobility program.

HPE Connected Applications Services: Focus on enabling access to corporate desktop and applications securely from anywhere and on any device.

  • HPE Application Transformation for Client Computing
  • HPE Mobility Transformation for Windows
  • HPE Client Virtualization Services

HPE Connected People Services:  Enable users to communicate and collaborate in real time, on any device, wherever they are.

HPE Connected Data Services: Provide universal access to the data that makes users productive, including enterprise collaboration and messaging services.

HPE Mobility Connectivity Services:  Enable the shift to a wireless (WLAN)-first infrastructure.

HPE Mobility Management Services:  Ensure the availability and quality of mobile experiences regardless of device type or ownership, secure mobile devices and support BYOD.

HPE Availability and Support Services: Keep the network functioning at its best.

Promotions to consider

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

HPE delivers the industry’s only complete, unified network solution – making it possible for organisations to integrate and manage wired and wireless infrastructure as a single entity.  HPE delivers an end-to-end framework for software defined networking (SDN) solutions – enabling the virtualisation of network devices so that administrators can make adjustments through a software interface, rather than having to manually configure the physical hardware.

What’s the attach opportunity?

Position HPE as the platform of choice for your customers.  HPE Reference Architectures and Smart Bundles include all the components of a converged infrastructure as well as complementary vendor solutions – optimising your ability to upsell, cross sell and attach.

Use Azlan’s iQuote tool and FlexAttach options to ensure you maximise the upsell and attach opportunities on every sale.

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