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HPE Datacentre Workload & Cloud Services

Why HPE Datacentre Workload & Cloud Services?

Your customers are looking to bring increased simplicity, flexibility and efficiencies to their IT infrastructure, whilst also reducing the total cost of ownership.  However, knowing where to start to make this kind of transformation and getting the whole process right is no easy task.

HPE Datacentre Workload and Cloud Services will help your customers to:

  • Convert siloed IT infrastructure into virtualised pools of IT resources, using HPE Converged Infrastructure
  • Establish the right foundation for cloud and develop an effective strategy for IT service delivery
  • Ensure a common layer of automation and control, with HP’s unifying management software solutions
  • Use HPE consulting and outsourcing services to supplement the skills and resources needed to embrace the latest IT innovations
  • Reduce power and cooling requirements with HP’s energy-efficient hardware, intelligent software and proactive services
  • Benefit from HP’s industry-leading datacentre design services to build new or modernise existing facilities.

Why work with TD Azlan for HPE Datacentre Workload & Cloud Services?

Every customer need is different and there’s no single solution or ‘right answer’ to how you address their needs.  Work with TD Azlan to identify your customers’ datacentre transformation needs, using our experienced HPE team to help you scope the best possible solution to fit their requirement and budget.

What should I be selling?

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

HPE Datacentre Transformation Services are the ideal opportunity to extend your solution across the whole IT environment – providing an end-to-end, converged infrastructure that will optimise performance and lower the total cost of ownership for your customers.

What’s the attach opportunity?

In addition to HPE Consulting Services, be sure to explore the opportunities for: