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HPE Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


HPE BPO ensures your customer can enjoy the highest standards in IT delivery and IT service innovation, even where they’re unable or unwilling to invest in the technology, expertise and resource in-house. HPE offers decades of experience in delivering outsourced IT solutions for core activities including: customer services, document processing, HR and payroll, that deliver proven technology, best practice and the economies of scale that only HPE can achieve.

HPE BPO services are delivered on a common platform, enabling consistency, security and compliance. Each HPE BPO solution is built to meet the specific needs of your customer and to reduce their internal cost of labour and infrastructure.

Why work with TD Azlan for HPE Business Process Outsourcing?

Enable your customer to do more than they ever imagined and work with them to outsource IT services, enjoying the strong support of TD Azlan’s HPE team and HP’s own BPO specialists.

Our HPE team will work with you to ensure accurate qualification, scoping and specification occurs. At the same time we’ll ensure you’re able to leverage a range of complementary services that extend the opportunity.

What should I be selling?

HPE BPO Enterprise Customer Services

HPE BPO Document Processing Services

HPE BPO HR & Payroll Services

HPE BOP Finance and Admin Services

HPE IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Promotions to consider

What’s the convergence opportunity?

Driven by improving IT service delivery and business efficiency, BPO by its very nature touches upon all aspects on the IT infrastructure and organisational processes. Use the discussion surrounding a BPO project to introduce extend this debate to cover the whole of the customer’s IT environment, introducing HP’s converged technology and services portfolio at the same time.

What's the attach opportunity?

Sell HPE BPO Services alongside other consultative and transformational HPE services such as:

  • HPE Proactive Care
  • HPE Datacentre Transformation Services
  • HPE Energy and Sustainability Management Services
  • Converged Infrastructure Services
  • Cloud Consultancy Service
  • HPE Proactive Insight Exeprience
  • Always consider HPE Care Packs.


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