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HPE BladeSystem

Why HPE ProLiant blades?

Build a perfect foundation for convergence and cloud with HPE ProLiant blades. More advanced than ever, HPE blades can now support any application and workload on a single, self-aware, intelligent platform.

ProLiant BladeSystems sit within a unified blade ecosystem and feature a modular, future-proof design that takes advantage of proven innovations like Virtual Connect, Intelligent Infrastructure and Insight Management. Scale, repurpose and upgrade HPE blades quickly and simply to reflect changing business requirements.

  • Cut server cost-of-ownership by up to 68% with BladeSystems simplified shared infrastructure approach and vastly reduced power and cooling requirements
  • Cut maintenance time up to 90% with Virtual Connects simplified, converged server edge connections and reduce server-edge infrastructure by as much as 95%
  • Reduce energy expenditure up to 36% using HPE Intelligent Infrastructure and Thermal Logic technology and increase datacentre capacity without adding power infrastructure
  • Automate with HPE Intelligent infrastructure to speed up implementation, cut operating expenses and reduce downtime caused from manual errors
  • Reclaim over-provisioned power and cooling capacity without impacting performance using HPE Thermal Logic technology
  • Cut management time by 50% using HPE Insight Control to provision servers quickly, manage proactively and control anywhere.

Why HPE ProLiant blades from TD Azlan?

HPE ProLiant systems answer every need in a modern IT environments from the datacentre to remote, branch locations and provide the foundation for convergence and cloud. Azlan has invested in the skills and knowledge required to bring Proliant to life in any type of IT infrastructure, and our HPE team is ready to work with partners to scope, close and deliver profitable ProLiant opportunities.

Choose HPE BladeSystem as the first step to Composable Infrastructure

The flexible, modular nature of BladeSystem has always meant this technology is exceptionally investment friendly. The advent of Composable Infrastructure solutions means this has never been more the case, as BladeSystem contains many features that make it an ideal building block for the composable solutions that we’ll see in the near future.

HPE Composable Infrastructure enables organisations to eliminate over-provisioning and stranded capacity by using fluid resource pools. Using it, IT can effortlessly meet dynamic application needs by composing and recomposing single blocks of disaggregated compute, storage and fabric

When combined with technologies such as HPE 3PAR, HPE switches and OneView, BladeSystem increases productivity, reduces human error, enhances IT delivery and delivers a unified API spanning a broad partner ecosystem. Your customers can take forward their investment in these converged technologies, integration expertise and processes; into a fully composable infrastructure solution featuring:

  • Rack Scale fabric
  • Dense in-frame storage
  • Auto-integrating infrastructure
  • Instant on operating environments
  • Machine technology readiness
  • Workload readiness in minutes

Learn more about HPE BladeSystem for Composable Infrastructure here.

Azlan’s HPE teams are highly experienced in blades solutions and the key technologies driving Composable Infrastructure. Talk to us now about how to identify, scope and develop BladeSystem and Composable Infrastructure opportunities.

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