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HPE Software Defined Networking

Why HPE SDN Solutions

Network complexity is putting a huge strain on IT budgets and resources, with legacy infrastructures unable to meet new business demands for real-time communication, rich-media solutions and mobile working. As a result, many organisations are looking at Software Defined Networking (SDN) as a means of removing the physical barriers to innovation through improved visibility and simplified control of network resources.  HP’s solution for SDN is the HPE Virtual Application Networks Framework – a complete end-to-end solution that allows organisations to create a scalable, agile and secure virtualised network that will enable:

  • Dynamic and rapid deployment of cloud applications
  • Automation of network provisioning, while eliminating configuration errors
  • Increased IT efficiency with services orchestration.

Why HPE Wireless Networking from TD Azlan?

Work with TD Azlan to identify, optimise and deliver HPE Software Defined Networking solutions for your customers.  Whether it’s addressing the needs of SMB organisations or large enterprises, we can help you to reach new markets and win more deals.  Our HPE Networking specialists will ensure that you maximise margins by presenting clear upsell and attach opportunities and focusing on unified HPE Networking and Converged Infrastructure solutions.

What should I be selling?

Management Layer:

HPE IMC is at the heart of HP’s unified wired and wireless network environment – simplifying and automating the management of complex multi-vendor / multi-platform environments. Include VAN SDN, VAN Resource Automation and VAN Server Connect modules to build a comprehensive SDN solution.

Application Layer:

Sell HPE Software solutions, including Virtual Cloud, Load Balancing, UC&C, Sentinel and WAN Bursting.

Control Layer:

Sell HPE Virtual Application Networks SDN Controllers.

Infrastructure Layer:

Sell HPE FlexNetwork solutions

HPN SDN App Store
Allows customers to discover, purchase, and deploy SDN applications, including a rich set of apps to support key networking initiatives such as security, cloud, mobility & Big Data.

Visit the HPE SDN App Store

Promotions to consider?

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

Using OpenFlow standards, HPE Virtual Application Network (VAN) is a complete end-to-end framework for delivering SDN solutions.  Together with the HPE FlexNetwork architecture, HPE VANs create a unified platform through a programmable control place that enables dynamic and rapid deployment of applications and services.  HPE Intelligent Management Centre (IMC) provides a centralised control point for HPE and multi-vendor wired / wireless solutions.  Using a standards based approach, HPE Networking solutions deliver a simpler, more secure and scalable infrastructure based on the FlexNetwork architecture, that drives business value from core to edge:

  • HPE FlexFabric: Converges and secures datacentre network, compute and storage in the physical and virtual worlds
  • HPE FlexCampus: Converges wired and wireless networks to deliver secure, identity-based access
  • HPE FlexBranch:  Converges network functionality, security and services for simplicity
  • HPE FlexManagement:  Converges network management and orchestration

Use HPE Insight Control management to unify HPE storage, servers and networking solutions across physical and virtual environments – selling the key benefits of HPE Converged Infrastructure solutions.

What’s the attach opportunity?

Work with TD Azlan to extend your networking sales, selling HPE Servers, Storage solutions and Services. Focus on:


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