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HPE FlexBranch

Why HPE FlexBranch Solutions

Branch offices often lack the same level of network performance and bandwidth as found at head office locations, with legacy infrastructures resulting in high operational costs, decreased business productivity and unreliable access and security. End user frustration with poor network performance often results in data being stored locally, introducing complexity to the data backup process that can result in non-compliance with regulatory and legislative data protection requirements. The trends towards datacentre consolidation, applications delivered through the cloud and mobility are compelling organisations to consider new strategies for delivering cost-effective and efficient network solutions to branch office locations.

HP’s FlexBranch solution converges network functionality with services, enabling branch office employees to enjoy the same fast and reliable access to data and applications as workers at the main office. This superior user experience includes use of data, voice, video, and unified communications, as well as collaboration tools

  • Reduced complexity with converged network connectivity and centralised, single-pane management
  • Enhanced business agility with solutions designed to scale in line with changing business demands
  • Lower costs with open platforms that prevent costly vendor lock-in and future-proof network investments.

Why HPE FlexBranch solutions from TD Azlan?

Work with TD Azlan to identify, optimise and deliver HPE FlexBranch solutions for your customers – building network solutions based on the HPE FlexNetwork architecture that are open, scalable, secure, agile and consistent.  Our HPE Networking specialists will ensure that you maximise margins by presenting clear upsell and attach opportunities and focusing on unified HPE Networking and Converged Infrastructure solutions.

What should I be selling?

Meet your customer's specific needs based on the challenges they need to address and the number of users at each branch office location. Always lead with HPE IMC to create a clear competitive advantage over other vendor solutions:

Branch office with less than 20 users: Need to address productivity issues resulting from inefficient WAN speed and security issues arising from unreliable backup procedures.

Branch office with 20 to 50 users: Need to speed up application performance, improve backup reliability and data growth, as well as addressing issues around data storage.  May be looking to introduce VoIP and Video solutions.

Branch office with 50 to 100 users: Asset control and manageability is proving too complex and time consuming, with multi-vendor servers and management tools and inconsistent security policies.  Data growth is exceeding the available storage capacity.

Read the FlexBranch Solution Brief to find out more

Promotions to consider?

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

HP’s FlexNetwork Architecture is the industry’s only converged architecture for the campus, branch, and data centre and  HPE Intelligent Management Centre (IMC) provides a centralised control point for HPE and multi-vendor wired / wireless solutions.  Using a standards based approach, HPE Networking solutions based on the FlexNetwork architecture deliver a simpler, more secure and scalable infrastructure, that drives business value from core to edge:

  • HPE FlexFabric: Converges and secures datacentre network, compute and storage in the physical and virtual worlds
  • HPE FlexCampus: Converges wired and wireless networks to deliver secure, identity-based access
  • HPE FlexBranch: Converges network functionality, security and services for simplicity
  • HPE FlexManagement: Converges network management and orchestration

Use HPE Insight Control management to unify HPE storage, servers and networking solutions across physical and virtual environments – selling the key benefits of HPE Converged Infrastructure solutions.

What’s the attach opportunity?

Work with TD Azlan to extend your networking sales, selling HPE Servers, Storage solutions and Services. Focus on:

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