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Aruba Security

The IT threat landscape poses serious business risks and is constantly changing, with concerns now amplified by increasing employee mobility and the rapid emergence of IoT. HPE Aruba provides a strong solutions suite to protect your customers data and business assets.

Aruba ClearPass – Aruba’s Network Access Control solution. The days of IT as gatekeeper are long gone. Devices owned by the business and users are now connected inside and outside of perimeter security. For IT this means a new task of identifying who and what is asking to connect to the network. Automated policy enforcement ensures only approved users and devices get through, whilst real-time threat protection helps to meet compliance requirements.

Aruba ClearPass delivers built-in device profiling with a web-based administrative interface, comprehensive reporting and real-time alerts. Using contextual data ClearPass ensures users and devices are granted the right access privileges, whilst a built-in profiling engine gathers real-time data across: device categories, vendors and OS versions. ClearPass provides granular visibility into network access, simplifying audits and threat identification. ClearPass OnConnect enables your customers to lock down thousands of wired ports using non-AAA enforcement without device configuration.

Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF) - provides context-based controls to enforce application-layer security and prioritisation. PEF enables your customers to enforce network access policies, specifying who may access, with which mobile devices and which areas are open to them.

AppRF provides network administrators with insight into their applications and who is using them. WebCC is an option that delivers URL filtering, IP reputation and geo-location filtering. Aruba’s Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology optimizes Wi-Fi client behaviour to ensure APs avoid RF interference. PEF also delivers intelligent mobile security leveraging built-in knowledge of mobile apps, devices and malicious URLs.

Aruba RFProtect - an option on Aruba Mobility Controllers, safeguards network infrastructures against wireless security threats and provides critical visibility into sources of RF interference and their effect on wireless LAN performance.

Only RFProtect delivers integrated wireless security and spectrum analysis for enterprise WLANs. Aruba access points can service WLAN clients whilst also monitoring for interference sources and rogue devices. They can also become dedicated air monitors, to detect and contain unauthorised APs and devices. Aruba 802.11ac and 802.11n APs can be configured as a spectrum analyser, remotely identifying RF interference, eliminating the need for a separate network of RF sensors and security appliances.

Aruba Virtual Internet Access client - enables secure remote network connectivity for: Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows devices. VIA automatically scans and selects the best secure connection to the corporate network. VIA also offers a zero-touch end-user experience, automatically configuring WLAN settings on client devices. With ACR, mobile devices using VIA can enjoy secure access to networks handling controlled unclassified, confidential and classified information.

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What’s the convergence opportunity?

Use an Aruba Security opportunity to open the door to wider discussions with your customers around Protecting their Digital Enterprise, safeguarding data at every stage in it’s lifecycle, guarding against today’s proliferating threats and providing complete confidence around the security of business data and assets. HPE and Azlan can help you to develop any Aruba project into a wider security solution.

What’s the attach opportunity?

Take a closer look at Aruba and HPE Professional Services. Leverage vendor expertise and optimise your profits when it comes to design and install of wired/wireless solutions. From designing a secure mobility framework for BYOD to deploying Wi-Fi in large public venues, Aruba and HPE offer the RF expertise necessary to get it right first time.