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Aruba Mobility

The Aruba Application Platform (Meridian) - is a mobile-app software platform allowing public-facing venues such as retailers, hospitality venues, airports and hospitals to create or improve mobile apps that connect to visitors on their mobile devices. Meridian delivers location (mapping, turn-by-turn directions), venue-specific information and proximity-based notifications to mobile-app users during visits.

The cloud-based Meridian Editor is a SaaS content management system housing a location’s Meridian-powered app content. The editor makes it simple for venues to create complete apps from scratch using AppMaker features.

Aruba Beacons - employ Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) to power indoor location, wayfinding, and proximity-aware push notifications in public venues. Small, low-power wireless transmitters broadcast radio signals to be heard and interpreted by iOS and Android devices equipped with Meridian-powered mobile apps from Aruba and Meridian Engage app development partners.

The Aruba Sensor - is a small, dual-band 802.11n client radio and BLE radio acting as an Aruba Beacon to power mobile engagement applications without battery power. Aruba Sensor allows organisations, with Aruba Wi-Fi or without, to remotely manage Aruba Beacon deployments over existing Wi-Fi infrastructures. Aruba Sensors plug directly into AC outlets and can hear other Aruba Beacons within a 25-metre range to report relevant data over Wi-Fi to the cloud-based Meridian Editor. 

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